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Shooting "Video 360", creating panoramic videos

80 проектов, 150 часов панорамного видео

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In July 2016, our specialists participated in the polar expedition "Arctic Floating University - 2016". Within 20 days of the expedition, passing on the icebreaker "Professor Molchanov" in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, Franz Josef Land, Svalbard and others. We have documented in the format of "video 360" for virtual reality headsets, the unique nature of the Arctic.
Final video was shown to members of the delegation of the Royal Court of Great Britain headed by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

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Video 360 for virtual reality glasses

Video 360 for virtual reality glasses is the response to the most up-to-date technologies of virtual and augmented reality. This is an interactive video where you can see not only a camera operator’s viewpoint but everything happening around, including the camera operator and the camera. With the help of virtual reality gadgets such as Oculus Rift glasses, Samsung Gear VR, or many others you will be able to experience immersion into the video story, look in any direction at any time, and find yourself in the middle of the action.

To order the shooting and creation of the ready video 360 just call us, and we will make all the necessary arrangements.

How to create video 360 (panoramic video)?


Training course!

Main topics of "Photography and video 360 processing" course:

  • What is the «Video 360»?
  • Panoramic video equipment
  • Stitching panoramic video, post-processing, translation
  • Directing and shooting of «Video 360»
  • Virtual tours and 3D-modeling

Course program

Our equipment for video 360 production: Entaniya Fisheye lenses

We are the official distributor in Russia of manufacturer of optical panoramic equipment Entapano (Japan). Entapano optics differs high quality of the materials used - optical elements are manufactured exclusively from high quality glass, lens body is made of titanium. During filming, depending on the task, we use the whole range of Entapano solutions - from Entaniya Fisheye 220, to systems based on Entaniya Fisheye 250 and Entaniya Fisheye 280.

For shooting high-quality "video 360" enough only two cameras GoPro HERO 4 Black with 2 Entaniya Fisheye lens 220, as well as a special rig for mounting cameras.

For rent: 50 EUR

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Video 360 example with Entaniya Fisheye 220 + GoPro HERO 4 Black

An important feature of lenses Entaniya FishEye 220, in addition to the professional quality of the final "video 360" is an abbreviated cross-linking distance - only 20 cm. That's why they used when shooting the official video Subaru Russian - promotional video of the new model Subaru Outback in the format of "video 360"

We are using also

Оборудование для съемки видео 360

Augmented and virtual reality glasses

Очки дополненной и виртуальной реальности

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Customers' feedback

3D has already been the past. Recently we had a concert in St. Petersburg that was filmed with the help of a new technology – the panoramic video. Imagine – you rotate a camera how you would like to while watching the concert. You can look at yourself, if you are a member of the audience. Assume that you are particularly interested in the drummer – you can look directly at him and admire him during the whole concert. If you dislike him, you can change the camera angle. If you like him again – you can direct the camera angle at him once more.

Edmund Shklyarsky,
rock band "Picnik", leader and vocalist

We have filmed one of our concerts and also a rehearsal as "video 360". This video is awesome! Now I can see not only how we play but also the reaction of the audience. The sound is also good. The fact that this technology exists in Russia is one of the greatest pleasures.

Kirill Bubyakin,
«Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra», director

Multimedia technology helps to show the application of new technologies in the field of event organization. It sets the mood to give a feeling of holiday to all the guests

Sergey Knyazev,
"Knyazev and partners", general producer

Our news

Государственный Эрмитаж ITMO University and The State Hermitage signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of virtual reality and "video 360" technologies

Since the end of 2015, The State Hermitage and ITMO University have studied the prospects for implementation of virtual reality technologies and "video 360" in the world's largest art museum. The result was the creation of the project "points of presence in The Hermitage", the implementation of which will allow using the virtual reality headset be in areas of the museum, where the visitor can not get there. Now, virtually, the viewer can attend in the restoration workshops, watching the work of professionals, take a walk on the roof of the Hermitage with a guide and observe the life of the famous Hermitage cats.


Тим Лоуренс The British delegation led by Princess Anne appreciated our film about the Arctic, filmed in the format of "video 360"

In mid-2016, for the purpose of documentation of unique materials of the expedition "Arctic Floating University - 2016" with the help of virtual reality technology and the "360 Video", our specialists took part in the 20-day polar expedition on the icebreaker "Professor Molchanov". Demonstration of the most beautiful landscapes of the Arctic to the effect of presence is a constant delight! In particular, the film was shown to members of the British royal family during their visit to Arkhangelsk in celebration of the anniversary of the convoy "Dervish" 29-31 August. 2016 and left a lasting impression.


Соловецкий монастырь The Alexander Nevsky Monastery in virtual reality format presented the results of our expeditions to the Solovetsky Monastery

The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra was showing materials created by us in cooperation with Solovetsky state historical-architectural and natural museum-reserve. In 2015 and 2016, our crew conducted four expeditions to the Solovetsky Islands, which are the spiritual and cultural dominant of the Russian North. The main purpose was to preserve the format "video 360" unique cultural heritage - the life of the islanders and the monks, cultural events and religious holidays.


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Столяров Денис

Stolyarov Denis
CEO, co-founder

Борисов Николай

Borisov Nikolay

Домбровский Янис

Dombrovskiy Yanis
International cooper.

Куприенко Игорь

Kuprienko Igor
Business advisor

Никитина Людмила

Lyudmila Nikitina

Токарев Александр

Aleksandr Tokarev
Camera crew, montage

Николаев Арсений

Nikolaev Arseniy
Video 360 shooting

Дмитриева Лиза

Dmitrieva Liza
Camera crew, montage

Кудряшов Андрей

Andrei Kudryashov
Video 360 shooting

Тищенко Дмитрий

Tischenko Dmitriy
Web developer

Киселев Роман

Kiselev Roman

Трушин Василий

Trushin Vasiliy
Unity, interfaces

Лавров Алексей

Lavrov Aleksey
Kinect, interfaces

Щербаков Павел

Scherbakov Pavel
Online streaming

Смолин Артем

Smolin Artem
Creative projects

Некрасова Ольга

Nekrasova Olga
PR and Marketing

Цыпин Иван

Tsypin Ivan
Intellectual property

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